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Electronic Games Concourse

Our huge Games Concourse Arcade features more than 60 games of chance and physical skill as well as tests of ability and talent. But all of them are really just plain fun.

There is wide variety of games and activities geared toward younger children, adults and adult kids alike. 

The Concourse wraps around the whole center of Nomads Adventure Quest so be sure to check it out. There's something new to do around every corner!

*** Excluded from the Wild Card special ***

Nomad's APA billiards hall

Nomads' Billiard Room is the place for fast paced competitive play or just a relaxed and fun evening with friends. There is also bar-style seating for customers to enjoy our 4 flat screen TVs or to watch friends play pool.   

Full Bar and Pub Menu food service is available and our gaming concourse is just outside the Billiard Room so there is always something new and interesting just around the corner. 

The Nomads Billiard Room is also a great place for private or corporate events! APA Leagues are welcome.

*** Excluded from the Wild Card special ***

Indoor Black Light Mini Golf

It's a new twist on an old favorite and takes mini golf to a whole new level.

Challenging enough for adults to enjoy, children will find excitement winding their way through the maze of decorations including cobras, spirits and ancient ceremonial figures. The course is complete with black lights so that every decoration glows in the dark!

**Closed toe shoes required**

Our Laser Tag Arena is fun at the speed of light!

Hope you're not afraid of the dark. After a few rounds of laser tag you just might have a reason to be - unless you're the one who can master the 3500 square foot Laser Tag Arena.  The arena will immerse you in subdued lighting, glowing towers, and heart-pounding music. Or use it to your advantage and blast your opponents with your laser and score before they even see you coming. It’s hide & seek taken to a whole new level. 

Take on individuals, or work as a team to dominate the arena. Just remember, you won't hear (or in this case "see") the shot that hits you - until it's too late. Nomads Adventure Quest is a proud member of The International Laser Tag Association.

*Closed toe shoes required*

**Availability is limited on weekends due to seasonal demand**

***All New Arena now open***

Get rocked for the ride of your life!

Take command of your own bumper car and drive around freely on our exciting arena.

Music and a Light Show accompany you as this classic attraction brings you new levels of excitement. Drivers and Riders must be at least 48".

**Closed toe shoes required**

Climb the side of an ancient and mysterious ruin

Race your friends to the top of Nomads' multiple belay climbing wall. Continuing the theme of ancient ruins it's both fun and challenging.

The climbing wall is a safe and exciting way to build confidence and physical strength while having fun with friends and family.

**Closed toe shoes required**

Inflatable bounce houses

Bounce yourself away on over 10 inflatables and bounce houses for over 12,000 square feet of inflatable fun for the young adventurers.

Over 500 square feet of enclosed soft and bouncy area, our Rock N' Roll Bounce House and over 9 other bounce houses are a great place for kids to run-around, jump up and down and generally blow off steam.

**Socks are required, Weight Restricted must be between 50lbs and 250lbs**

Take on our Teacup Ride - The Whirling Dervish

A wheel in the center of the teacup lets you control the direction and speed of your spin. If you decide you want a wild ride, simply turn the wheel fast and hold on!

For riders over 42".

**Closed toe shoes required**

Get rocked, by our heart pumping AMF Mini Bowling lanes!

Xperience Duckpin Bowling like never before, Nomads Thunder Bowling is perfect for all ages with mini balls and lanes.

Bowl while enjoying music and glow in the dark art in black light!

**Closed toe shoes required**

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